“We are very grateful to have had Bob Williford and RSW Building remodel our home. We had an extensive remodel of part of our house which was over 100 years old and also added an 1800 square foot two-story addition with a basement. We were very impressed with the timely manner and quality craftsmanship that the projected was completed with. Bob was always great about communicating frequently about where the project was and what was planned for the near future. Bob was also very helpful in keeping us within budget. He frequently presented us with quality options to choose from in order to ensure that we had something that we wanted, yet was still within our target price range. We were also very pleased to have courteous and respectful people working on the project, no matter which stage of construction we were in.

It’s hard to imagine the process unfolding any better than it did. From the planning stages and multiple revisions to fit our budget all the way through construction and finishing we were impressed. We wholeheartedly recommend Bob and RSW Building!”

– Mike and Lisa, Homestyle Re-fi Renovation Clients


“Thank you guys. You do good work. Thank God you guys knew how to do this 203k-loan stuff, we would not have got that house otherwise!”

– Heath, 203k Renovation Client


“Bob and his team were easy to work with; very friendly and positive. His crew was efficient and professional and they finished a week ahead of schedule! I was very pleased with the end result and love my “new” home.”

– Liz, 203k Renovation Client


“This last year, I’ve had the pleasure of working with RSW, more often than with any other contractor. It seems folks are easily won over by Bob’s technical know-how, fair pricing and easy-to-work-with personality. He has a thorough understanding of how renovation loans work and knows just what we will need to make the process flow smoothly for you. We love him here at Homestreet Bank, and I think you will too!”

– Mark, Renovation Lender


“Everyone told us that remodeling would be stressful. Not true! Bob and his team made our experience seamless and even fun. We were impressed from the beginning with their ability to quickly turn our ideas into tangible floor plans, while being conscious of our budget constraints. For every issue that we encountered along the way, Bob and his team were already ahead of us, ready with estimates and options to help us decide how to resolve the surprises that our old house revealed. We also appreciate Bob’s ability to manage cost without sacrificing quality. When we started the process of remodeling, we knew we would get a bigger and better space, but Bob truly helped us create a beautiful home.”

– Phil and Janet, Homestyle Re-fi Renovation Clients